AMVIC’s top consumer advice

| Consumer bulletins

AMVIC is a free and trusted consumer resource. Whether you are a seasoned car-buyer or getting your first ever oil change, we have some timeless advice for automotive consumers in Alberta.

  1. If it requires a signature, it’s important!
    Get all promises, as well as clarification on terms and conditions that are not clear to you in writing. Ensure all information is accurate and complete before signing.

  2. All-in pricing is the law.
    An advertised price of a vehicle must include all fees and charges the automotive business intends to charge, not including any additional options you might agree to add on. The only item that can be added to the advertised price is GST and any costs associated with financing. Take a copy of the advertisement with you to ensure the price on the bill of sale matches the advertised price.

  3. There is no “cooling off” period.
    Stop shopping after you sign a purchase contract. If you “find a better deal” or “change your mind” an automotive business may still enforce the signed contract and may keep any deposit you made, even if they agree to cancel the contract.

  4. If you ask for a service and repair estimate, it must be supplied to you in writing.
    You must agree to any additional costs before the work is started. A business can only exceed an estimate by 10 per cent to a maximum of $100.

  5. Check if the business is licensed and the salesperson is registered at If the business or salesperson is not listed, walk away and file an online complaint with AMVIC. Beware of curbers: sellers operating without a sales licence who typically sell stolen, damaged or odometer-tampered vehicles.

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