Employing a salesperson

Note: AMVIC Online was updated on March 16, 2021 to improve ease of use. Please note, instead of using their business number to login, businesses must use their email address on file. If it is the first time a business or salesperson is logging into the new AMVIC Online, they will need to go through the forgotten password process to set up security questions and a new password. Both businesses and salespeople will then be able to login with their email and password.

Automotive sales businesses are responsible for the conduct of the salespeople they employ (Consumer Protection Act, Section 166).

NOTE: The Salesperson Registration Course has been updated to reflect the new automotive laws set out in the Automotive Business Regulation (ABR) as of Oct. 31, 2018. More information on the new legislation. 

Employer responsibilities:

  • By law, all salespeople must be registered by AMVIC.
  • Salespeople cannot legally solicit, negotiate, or conclude any consumer transaction until they receive their AMVIC registration.
  • Apply for a new salesperson registration.

Ensure new salespeople use the online portal to enroll in the MANDATORY Salesperson Registration Course right away:

  • Salespeople must successfully complete their application within 30 days, including successfully passing the course, before their registration will be issued.
  • Access the online salesperson course.

Authorize a new salesperson to conduct transactions on behalf of the business:

Do not allow an unregistered salesperson to solicit, negotiate or conclude sales:

  • An unregistered salesperson can be charged with an offence under the Consumer Protection Act.
  • The business can be charged for allowing an unregistered salesperson to conduct transactions.
  • AMVIC sends salesperson expiration notices to employers via email when a salesperson has failed to renew on time.

Terminate a salesperson’s authorization when they resign or are dismissed:

  • The business is responsible to inform AMVIC when a salesperson should no longer be “linked” to the business through their AMVIC Online account.
  • Click on LOGIN at the top right corner and then click on the “Licensee Portal” button and then login into your account.