Renew a business licence

The expiry date of a business licence never changes. It is due the same date every year.

If a licence lapses, the business will still be charged the full annual renewal fee.

It is unlawful for an automotive business to operate without an active licence.

A consumer can cancel a transaction if a business is not properly licensed.

How to renew an automotive business licence:

AMVIC emails a renewal notice to businesses approximately 30 days before their automotive business licence expires. A renewal notice requires immediate action. Any delay or omission could result in a lapse in your business licence. Click on LOGIN at the top right corner and then click on the “Licensee Portal” button to login your online account to pay your renewal fee.

AMVIC strongly encourages businesses to review the registration status of all salespeople at the same time they renew their business licence. Every salesperson authorized to act on behalf of a business must have a valid salesperson registration. Check a salesperson’s status by using the online search tool on AMVIC Online. An “issued” status means the registration is up-to-date and valid.

  • It is unlawful for a salesperson to act on behalf of a business without a salesperson registration.
  • Both the salesperson and the business can be charged by AMVIC for this offence.
  • A consumer can cancel a transaction if the salesperson does not have a valid registration at the time of the transaction.

If there are any changes to your company’s directors you must inform AMVIC via AMVIC Online.

Fees can be paid online by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex or Visa Debit).

Who is considered an applicant?

  • an individual who is a sole proprietor,
  • a partner in a partnership,
  • an officer or director of a corporation,
  • a shareholder of a private corporation
  • an individual who has been given signing authority by a director to complete AMVIC documentation,
  • or a salesperson working for the automotive business

Background checks

Effective Tuesday, March 16, 2021, all applicants will be required to obtain a background check at their own cost. AMVIC has arranged for Sterling Backcheck (Backcheck) to provide background checks at a cost paid directly by each applicant. Applicants will find a direct link to Backcheck on AMVIC Online.

Although most applicants are able to use Backcheck, there will be instances when Backcheck will not be able to provide AMVIC with the appropriate information. If you have adult convictions for which you have not received a pardon/record suspension and for which you do not recall specific details (offence, date of conviction, location of conviction, and penalty/disposition received), or you have unresolved charges, you will be unable to request a report from Backcheck. Applicants must instead go to a local police service and request a Police Information Check or Certified Criminal Record Check verified by fingerprints.

Please be aware that this process may take a longer period of time than using Backcheck. Also, a Police Criminal Record Check report will not be accepted. AMVIC has prepared an Instruction Letter for Police that explains what type of background check is required. This letter can also be found on the forms page.