Who we are

The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council, AMVIC, is Alberta’s automotive industry regulator. AMVIC is a public regulatory agency subject to the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act (APAGA) accountable to the Government of Alberta through the Ministry of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction.

Regulations developed and implemented based on industry input and consumer protection requirements came into effect September 1, 1999. On that date, Alberta Government Services delegated its authority to AMVIC for the following primary purposes:

  1. Act in any capacity pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act or regulations delegating authority to AMVIC.
  2. Enhance consumer protection and confidence in the motor vehicle industry.
  3. Promote education and licensing for industry players (businesses and salespeople).
  4. Establish and collect assessment fees.


AMVIC’s mission is to protect the public interest and promote trust and confidence in the motor vehicle industry through heightened awareness and the fostering of a positive exchange of information among industry stakeholders.


Provide consumer protection in Alberta’s motor vehicle industry through mandatory licensing for motor vehicle businesses and salespeople as required by the Consumer Protection Act of Alberta and to provide a fair marketplace for automotive consumers and businesses.


The following principles provide the framework for all policies and procedures developed at AMVIC and help the organization successfully deliver its delegated activities and mandate:

  • Protect Alberta consumers from unfair business practices and work towards building trust and confidence in the motor vehicle industry.
  • Self-manage an effective mandatory motor vehicle industry licensing program.
  • Foster open and clear communication in the motor vehicle industry and support an honest exchange of information between industry, government and consumers.
  • Assist the motor vehicle industry to build best business practices upon the framework of the Consumer Protection Act through education and enforcement of legislation.
  • Provide an alternative to litigation through alternate dispute resolution of consumer complaints.