Inspection FAQ

Under the Consumer Protection Act, AMVIC has the authority to perform inspections on all licensed automotive businesses within Alberta.

Inspections are a way to enhance consumer confidence by ensuring Alberta’s automotive industry is in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act, Traffic Safety Act and associated regulations.

Who conducts inspections?

An AMVIC industry standards officer will conduct an inspection. All AMVIC inspectors carry photo identification—you should ask to see it.

Industry standards officers do not become involved in investigations or in specific complaint files.

Why are inspections done?

Inspections help businesses understand their legislative requirements and implement best practices. Inspectors are there to bring the business into compliance: If a breach is identified a followup inspection and/or progressive enforcement will follow.

Under what authority?

Under the Consumer Protection Act Section 145(1) an inspector may enter the business premises of a regulated person at any reasonable time to conduct an inspection to determine if there is compliance with the act and regulations.

How are businesses selected?

AMVIC prioritizes new business inspections and risk-based inspections. However, any licensed automotive business may be inspected.

What is the process?

  • It is normal process to give businesses approximately two weeks’ notice prior to inspection but notice may not always be given.
  • The inspection can take anywhere from an hour to a business day depending on the type and size of the business.
  • Samples of records regarding automotive business transactions from the past three years may be inspected.

Under the Consumer Protection Act Section 132(1)(a) “every licensee and former licensee must create and maintain complete and accurate financial records of its operations in Alberta for at least three years after the records are made …”