Information and FOIP requests

As a public agency, AMVIC is governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and is committed to striking a balance between the public’s right to know and an individual’s right to privacy with regards to records held by AMVIC.

Information is routinely made available on, via AMVIC bulletins and the AMVIC annual report. Depending on the information you are requesting, it may already be available on or by checking with AMVIC via phone or email.

How to make a FOIP information request

To request information in AMVIC’s custody, please submit a formal request in writing using the AMVIC FOIP request form. The form can be filled out digitally but must be printed and signed before submitting by email to AMVIC. If you are making a request for general information, there is an initial fee of $25 which can be paid online or by mailing a cheque made out to the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council. There is no fee for a request for personal information unless the cost of producing copies exceeds $10. Please note that work will not begin on a general information request until payment has been received.

To ensure there are no delays in processing your request please:

  • provide your name, address and a phone number we can use to contact you if there are any questions about your request;
  • be as clear and include as much detail as possible when describing the records you wish to access; and
  • include a specific time frame, where possible, as this can often assist in speeding up the process.

Depending on the quantity of the information requested, additional fees may be assessed upon review. If additional fees are required, the FOIP coordinator will notify the requestor prior to beginning the information request. If you are unable to make a FOIP information request in writing, please contact AMVIC’s FOIP coordinator via

Correcting personal information

You have the right to ask for a correction to any personal information that AMVIC has. All requests must be made in writing and can be submitted either by completing the Information Correction form or by writing AMVIC a letter indicating you would like to make a correction under the FOIP Act. There is no fee to correct your personal information. The form can be filled out digitally but it must be printed and signed before submitting by email to AMVIC. Alternately, the form can be mailed in if needed.

Information correction and FOIP contact

If you have questions specifically about the FOIP information request process, please contact AMVIC’s FOIP coordinator at or at 780-468-0479. Please note this contact information is only for FOIP requests or information correction requests. If mailing your requests, please send to #303, 9945-50 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, T6A 0L4, Attn: FOIP coordinator.