Apply for a new salesperson registration

All automotive salespeople in the province of Alberta MUST hold a valid provincial automotive salesperson registration with the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council.

You cannot engage in selling vehicles until you have successfully completed the course and received your AMVIC provincial automotive salesperson registration.

How do I obtain my AMVIC provincial automotive salesperson registration?

  1. You must apply for and pay for your AMVIC registration ($100) and enroll in the Salesperson Registration Course ($160). Please note: course fees are non-refundable and you have 30 days to complete your registration, including the course.
  2. You must pass the Salesperson Registration Course final exam with a grade of 80 per cent or higher. Your application for an AMVIC provincial automotive salesperson registration will not be considered until you have successfully completed the Salesperson Registration Course.
  3. You must provide all information as required during the registration process.

How do I apply for a new salesperson registration?

Before applying for your registration you will want to ensure you have all relevant documentation available. This includes:

    • Photo ID: Driver’s Licence, passport, Nexus card, or a government-issued ID card.
    • If you are not a Canadian Citizen you must provide a front and back copy of proof of eligibility to work in Canada: a valid permanent resident card or a valid work permit.
    • Self-portrait: photo of yourself, framed like a passport photo or driver’s licence photo (close-up from the shoulders up, plain background, no sunglasses, face should be clearly visible and looking directly into the camera. You may smile in the photo.) File type must be JPEG. Minimum resolution 100×100 pixels.
    • If you have claimed bankruptcy in the last five years provide bankruptcy documents.

NOTE: Failure to complete your application and pay your registration fee before exiting will result in your application being deleted, and you must restart the entire application.

Step one: go to AMVIC’s online portal and under the “Salesperson tab” click Salesperson registration application”. Complete all boxes, and answer all questions in the application truthfully. Be aware that AMVIC verifies all information provided by applicants. Incomplete responses will slow the application process, and any application containing false material may result in the suspension, cancellation or refusal of a registration.

Step two: ask your employer to complete the “Salesperson Authorization” which is part of the application. A salesperson must be linked to their employer in AMVIC’s database.

Step three: register for the mandatory Salesperson Registration Course through the online portal and pay the $160 non-refundable course fee online by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex or Visa Debit) or Interac debit only (all major banks and Alberta credit unions with the exception of CIBC and ATB).

Alternatively the fee may be paid by debit or credit only in AMVIC’s Edmonton office. Cash is not accepted. Once payment is processed you can access the online course immediately.

Is there a time limit on completing my application?

Yes, you have 30 days from the date you submit your salesperson application and pay the $100 fee to complete your application in full. You must complete the Salesperson Registration Course within the 30 days of submitting your application. After 30 days, your application will be refused and you will be required to reapply.

What if I’m not currently employed with an automotive business?

You may enroll in the Salesperson Registration Course prior to finding gainful employment as an automotive salesperson. You will have 30 days to complete the lessons and final exam and the $160 fee will apply. If you do not complete the course within the allotted time you will be required to pay the $160 fee if you choose to enrol again. You can apply for registration once you secure employment.

What if I’m reapplying and I’ve already completed the Salesperson Registration Course?

Any salesperson who ceases to be registered for a period of more than three years must retake the Salesperson Registration Course prior to being issued a new registration.

What if I’m opening my own business?

If you are applying for salesperson registration and also plan to open your own business providing the services of vehicle sales, leasing or consignment sales, you must also apply for a Provincial Automotive Business Licence.

What happens after I receive my registration?

You are required to manage your registration and renew annually. Failure to ensure your registration is active and in good standing is an offence and could result in enforcement action including you and/or your employer being charged and convicted under the Consumer Protection Act.

What if I change employers?

It is the salesperson’s responsibility to advise AMVIC of any type of employment change. This can be done by going to the AMVIC portal and updating your employer in the “Manage your Salesperson’s Registration” section.