Automotive repair activities

Automotive repair businesses must be licensed by AMVIC. The following are automotive repair subcategories. If your business operations include any of these activities you must have a valid AMVIC business licence.

AMVIC does not licence bench work.

To apply for a new repair licence go to AMVIC Online.


The appropriate technician is required depending on the type of work performed.

Examples of repairs:

  • mechanical inspections (Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP), salvage and out of province)
  • motor/crankshaft/head gasket/manifold/piston/timing belt/valves
  • brakes/caliper/shoe/cylinder/clutch
  • struts/power steering/ball joints/shocks/sway bar
  • transmission/driveshaft/axle/bearings
  • air conditioning/heater/cooling system/radiator/water pumps/thermostat
  • mufflers/cruise controls/alternators
  • mechanical work performed on recreation vehicles

Service station

Minor services are performed and an automotive service technician or heavy equipment service technician is NOT required.

Examples of services:

  • oil changes/lubrications (lube jobs)
  • installation, rotation, repair, or balancing of tires
  • changing of fan belts/radiator hoses


Autobody repairs are performed and an auto body technician is required.

Examples of autobody repairs:

  • perform body damage analysis and prepare repair estimates (appraisals)
  • straighten/align frame
  • remove badly damaged sections of vehicles and weld in new sections
  • work out minor damage in body panels/fenders/skirting
  • repair and/or replace interior and exterior components such as instrument panels/seat frame/floorboards
  • taping/masking/painting

Specialty service

A shop that specializes in activities that include mechanical repairs that may or may not require a trade certificate.

Examples of areas that businesses specialize in:

  • mufflers, brakes, transmissions, and wheel alignments
  • installing remote car starters
  • anti-theft systems, stereo and audio-visual systems
  • replacing a windshield or window of a vehicle
  • paint-less dent repair
  • modification kits
  • recreational vehicle repairs (note: RV technician required) (e.g. fridge/stove/furnace/water heaters/ plumbing/awnings/siding/charging system/installation of hitches). RV technicians are not certified to repair engines or drive train components.
  • upholstery recovering (seats/convertible tops) technician may be required.


A business that does not have a physical location and where any of the above noted repairs are performed from a temporary location. Requirements for mobile businesses are the same as above.

Recycling and dismantling

Activities of purchasing and dismantling or disassembling wrecked, abandoned, or damaged vehicles and selling the usable parts, the vehicle as a unit at wholesale, or the hulk (chassis and body) of the vehicle after the usable parts have been removed. The vehicle cannot be sold as a unit to a consumer.


I’m not sure which subcategory my business fits in, what should I do?
If you have questions about which subcategory you are in please contact AMVIC’s licensing team.

If my automotive repair activity requires a technician, what information am I required to provide to AMVIC?
A copy of one trade certificate must be submitted with your business application on AMVIC Online. The certificate must be in one of the following trades: automotive service technician, heavy equipment technician, auto body technician or recreation vehicle service technician.

Should I be licensed for more than one type of automotive business?
If your business fits solely under one or more of the above repair subcategories you will require a repair licence.

If your business operations fall under more than one licence class you will require a licence for each class. E.g.: At Glimmer Auto there is a garage repair centre and new and used cars for sale and lease. Glimmer Auto is required to have a repair class (garage activity), sales class (retailer activity) and leasing class from AMVIC.

More information on applying for a new business licence.