Closing a business

When your business is closing or changing ownership, you must notify AMVIC in writing within 15 days of when you cease activities related to automotive business. You must also return your licence to AMVIC. This applies to all types of automotive businesses regardless of licence class. (Consumer Protection Act, Section 134(2)).

You can cancel a business licence by logging into your AMVIC Online account. Click on LOGIN at the top right corner and then click on the “Licensee Portal” button to login into your account.

Your closure notice to AMVIC should include:

  • Why the business is closing and future contact information.
  • If it is a takeover or complete closure of the business.
  • Who AMVIC should contact if consumers have any questions or concerns.
  • If there is a plan as to who will do repairs/installs that were promised before the business closed. If so, please detail.
  • Description of who will be dealing with warranty issues.
  • Information on how customers were notified of the closure or takeover.

If your business is licensed for sales, lease or consignment you must also ensure all levy payments are up-to-date.

Remember: once you cease to be AMVIC-licensed you can no longer engage in automotive business.

Changing your business office address

Have any of your partners, officers or directors changed? If so, you must notify AMVIC in writing within 15 days of the change.

Best practices

Additionally, you should notify your existing customers that you are closing and provide new owner contact information if applicable and possible.