Report a curber

Curbers are individuals or automotive sales businesses operating without an AMVIC licence to sell to consumers.

How can you find out if a business is licensed to sell to consumers? Use our business and salesperson search tool found at the top of this page or contact AMVIC.

Suspect a curber? File a complaint to consumer services.

Spot a curber:

  • Curbers don’t all look the same— some pose as private sellers and others operate from legitimate-looking businesses.
  • You might find their phone number used on multiple ads for different vehicles— legitimate private sellers usually only have one vehicle for sale.
  • Multiple vehicles being sold to the same individual or company may indicate the sale is to a curber.

A curber:

  • Does not pay AMVIC’s registration and licensing fees
  • Does not pay the AMVIC levy
  • Does not charge customers GST
  • Circumvents tax laws
  • Is not accountable to the customer
  • Gives the industry a poor reputation
  • Offers buyers no protection through AMVIC’s Compensation Fund