Mechanical Fitness Assessment

All AMVIC-licensed businesses must provide customers with a completed Mechanical Fitness Assessment (MFA) form before entering into a sales agreement/purchase contract for any used vehicle—it’s the law. AMVIC enforces the use of the MFA form.

This standardized form ensures a uniform process for assessing all used vehicles.

Mechanical Fitness Assessment form

Frequently asked questions:

Does an MFA expire?

An MFA is valid for 120 days after the date it was issued. Once it has expired a new assessment must be completed prior to entering into a sales contract.

I have an old vehicle that I want to get rid of. Can I sell it “as is”?

There is no provision for a licensed business to sell a vehicle to the public “as is”.

Can I still sell a vehicle to a consumer if a vehicle does not fully comply with all items listed on the MFA form?

The vehicle can still be sold, but the seller must fully disclose to the buyer that the vehicle does not comply with the Vehicle Equipment Regulation. The seller must also provide the buyer with a description of the items that are missing or do not comply.

How do you define comply or non-compliant?

The standard for compliant and non-compliant is accordance with the Traffic Safety Act, Vehicle Equipment Regulation (A/R 122/2009). A certified journeyperson technician will have the training and knowledge required to assess the vehicle based on the standards set forth in the regulation.

If I have completed an out of province inspection do I also need to provide a Mechanical Fitness Assessment?

Yes. Both the MFA and the out of province vehicle inspection certificate must be completed. The legislated use of each of these documents is significantly different.

Do auctions have to provide buyers with an MFA?

Only auctions can sell vehicles without an MFA.