Director’s Orders

A Director’s Order lays out specific requirements for a company or person to fulfill in order to comply with the Consumer Protection Act and its regulations. AMVIC started using Director’s Orders in 2014.

A Director’s Order can be issued when:

  • A person is contravening or has contravened the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) or the regulations.
  • A regulated person is using any form, agreement, letter or other document that is misleading or contains a term that misrepresents the CPA or the regulations.
  • A print, broadcast or electronic publisher is publishing or has published an advertisement that is misleading or contains a term that contravenes the Consumer Protection Act or the regulations.

Under Section 157 of the Consumer Protection Act the Director’s Order can direct a person or publisher to:

  • Stop engaging in anything that is described in the order, subject to any terms or conditions set out in the order.
  • Take any measures specified in the order, within the time specified in the order, to ensure that the Consumer Protection Act and the regulations are complied with.


A person or publisher who is subject to an order under this section may appeal under Section 179(1) of the Consumer Protection Act within 30 days after being notified in writing of the decision or order or being given the notice of Administrative Penalty.

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Public record

The director must maintain a public record of Director’s Orders.

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