Add services to an existing business licence

Note: requested changes to your licence are not in effect until you receive an updated business licence certificate.

Planning to offer more automotive services than what you originally applied to be licensed for? (E.g. you are currently licensed for sales but would like to add repair.) You must contact AMVIC to update your business licence.

How to add services to an existing licence:

1. Gather all required documents

Municipal approval– Before any additional service(s) (licence classes) are added to your existing licence, you must obtain municipal approval.

Adding repair? Be sure to check with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training for trade certificate requirements. Depending on the repair activities you may be required to provide a copy of an employee’s trade certificate.

Adding sales? You must have at least one AMVIC-registered salesperson employed by and authorized to sell on behalf of your business. Click here for more information on applying for a salesperson registration.

Adding consignment? A $300,000 security must be provided to AMVIC in the form of cash, irrevocable standby letter of credit or surety bond.

2. Go to AMVIC Online by clicking on “LOGIN” at the top right-hand corner.

Then click on the “Licensee Portal” button and login into your account to make the change.

Note: AMVIC Online was updated on March 16, 2021 to improve ease of use. Please note, instead of using their business number to login, businesses must use their email address on file. If it is the first time a business or salesperson is logging into the new AMVIC Online, they will need to go through the forgotten password process to set up security questions and a new password. Both businesses and salespeople will then be able to login with their email and password.

3. Fees 

After selecting the additional service(s) you may be prompted to proceed to payment.

If your business is already licensed for multiple activities you will not be required to pay an additional fee to add another activity.

If you are currently licensed for a single licence class you will be required to pay the difference between what you have already paid for your existing licence and the $350 multiple activity business licence fee. (E.g. If you are licensed for repairs and have already paid the $250 licence fee you would pay the $100 difference.)

NOTE: Fees can be paid online by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex or Visa Debit) or Interac debit (all major banks and Alberta credit unions with the exception of CIBC and ATB).

4. Licensing advisor reviews change request

A licensing advisor may contact you to request any required documents. Your change request will be reviewed once all required documents have been received.

NOTE: changes to your business licence are not in effect until you receive an updated business licence certificate.