Fee schedule

Business licences:

Licence class

Annual fee

Automotive sales licence class

Sales activities:
– Retailer (new and/or used)
– Wholesaler
– Agent or broker

Wholesaler: $50,000 security is required. Please contact licensing to inquire.

Automotive leasing licence class$175
Automotive consignment licence class


$300,000 security is required for new consignment businesses. Please contact licensing to inquire.
Automotive repair licence class

Repair activities:
– Garage
– Service station
– Autobody
– Specialty Service
– Mobile
– Recycling and dismantling

Multiple classes$350

Salesperson registration:


Annual fee

One-time fee

Salesperson registration$100 
Mandatory Salesperson Registration Course $160
Rewrite course exam $40
Voluntary Service and Repair Course $40