Fee schedule

Business licences:

Licence class

Annual fee

Automotive sales licence class

Sales activities:
– Retailer (new and/or used)
– Wholesaler
– Agent or broker

Wholesaler: $50,000 security is required. Please contact licensing to inquire.

Automotive leasing licence class$175
Automotive consignment licence class


$300,000 security is required for new consignment businesses. Please contact licensing to inquire.
Automotive repair licence class

Repair activities:
– Garage
– Service station
– Autobody
– Specialty Service
– Mobile
– Recycling and dismantling

Multiple classes$350

Salesperson registration:


Annual fee

One-time fee

Salesperson registration$100 
Mandatory Salesperson Registration Course $160
Rewrite course exam $40
Voluntary Service and Repair Course $40

Note: AMVIC Online was updated on March 16, 2021 to improve ease of use. Please note, instead of using their business number to login, businesses must use their email address on file. If it is the first time a business or salesperson is logging into the new AMVIC Online, they will need to go through the forgotten password process to set up security questions and a new password. Both businesses and salespeople will then be able to login with their email and password.