All about all-in pricing

| Consumer bulletins

All-in pricing is the law in Alberta. This means the vehicle price you see advertised is the price you should be paying, plus GST and financing costs (if financing costs are applicable). So how do you, as a consumer, navigate all-in pricing when purchasing a vehicle?

Start by printing, or taking a screen capture or photo of the vehicle advertisement that states the all-in price of the vehicle. Take this with you to the automotive business to review the bill of sale, making sure that nothing else was added on top of the advertised price, including administrative or documentation fees. Remember, just because an automotive business tells you the fee is mandatory does not mean it’s mandatory by law. Salespeople or businesses must not mislead a consumer into believing a fee is mandatory or required by law if it is not.

All-in pricing FAQs

  • What is an advertisement?
    An advertisement comes in many forms, on social media, printed media (flyer, newspaper, magazine), television, radio, billboard, road signs, signs inside an automotive business or a sign physically on the vehicle itself.

  • Is a doc fee part of the financing costs?
    No, a documentation (doc) fee is not part of the financing costs for the vehicle you are purchasing. It is not a mandatory fee required by law but an extra fee added on by the automotive business.

  • Does all-in pricing apply to used vehicles, new vehicles and recreational vehicles?
    Yes, all-in pricing applies to all types of vehicles that are advertised.

AMVIC does not encourage or discourage businesses from selling additional features and add-ons, however, all fees must be accurately stated and not violate all-in pricing. If the automotive business you are dealing with tries to add fees to the bill of sale on top of the all-in advertised price, walk away and contact our consumer services team at