Valuable consumer resources – a gift from AMVIC

| Consumer bulletins

The holidays are about giving so here are some valuable resources and information that Alberta consumers will find helpful.

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Gift #1: all-in pricing.

Did you know all-in pricing is the law? This means the price advertised is the price you pay! Any other charges and fees except GST and/or charges associated with financing must already be included in the advertised price. Adding extra fees to the advertised price is illegal.

Gift #2: avoiding backyard mechanics

Alberta is the only province that regulates automotive service and repair businesses the same way as automotive sales businesses. Any automotive service and repair business operating in Alberta must be licensed by AMVIC. Non-licensed businesses are known as backyard mechanics and often operate out of residential properties, which is against municipal zoning laws. They often do not have the proper equipment and procedures to prevent environmental damage or to ensure safe operations.

Gift #3: consumer guides for different shopping scenarios

AMVIC has helpful consumer guides regarding:

  • Buying a new vehicle
  • Buying a used vehicle
  • Servicing or repairing a vehicle
  • Budgeting for a vehicle purchase

These consumer guides can be printed and taken with you for your next vehicle purchase or repair.

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