Take AMVIC with you!

| Consumer bulletins

AMVIC created six printable guides that lay out your consumer rights before, during and after buying, selling, leasing or repairing a vehicle. These free consumer guides also have easy to read checklists to take with you, either digitally on your phone or printed.

Decide which guide is right for you:

  • Budgeting for a vehicle:
    Helps you to understand the financial cost of buying, owning and maintaining a vehicle. Having a set plan before you shop for a vehicle can protect you from taking on more debt than you can afford.
  • Buying a new vehicle:
    A good reminder of what to check for throughout the process of purchasing a new vehicle, including a bill of sale checklist.
  • Buying a used vehicle:
    The used vehicle consumer guide highlights the importance of knowing the vehicle history, including a checklist of the vehicle history information that must be provided to you.
  • Servicing or repairing a vehicle:
    Did you know if you ask for an estimate, it must be provided to you in writing? The service and repair consumer guide includes more tips like this, as well as an authorization checklist.
  • Shopping for a vehicle online:
    Are you thinking about buying your vehicle online? Review the information on all-in pricing, cancellation policies, as well as a useful link to Service Alberta’s Internet Shopping Guide.
  • Spotting a curber online:
    You know that a curber is an illegal, unlicenced seller, but how do you know when you are dealing with one? The spotting a curber consumer guide explains how to recognize, reject and report curbers.

The next time that you or someone you know is thinking about purchasing or repairing a vehicle, use AMVIC’s free consumer guides to take AMVIC with you. For more information on your consumer rights and free resources visit amvic.org.