Service and repair: industry resources

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With winter here to stay, many consumers will be looking to winterize their vehicles. It is important to understand your obligations as a service and repair business when it comes to repair estimates and authorizations, outlined in Sections 31.6, 31.7 and 31.8 of the Automotive Business Regulation (ABR).

For instance, if a vehicle requires a service or repair, the business must obtain authorization for the service or repair in writing as per Section 31.7(1). But what happens if you can’t get the authorization in writing? You can then record the authorization information required under Section 31.7(3), which includes the time the authorization was given and how the consumer gave authorization (via email, phone, etc.). Similarly, if an estimate for work can’t be provided because diagnostic work must be done first, then the estimate must state the estimated maximum cost of the diagnostic work under Section 31.6(3).

AMVIC has created a service and repair estimate and authorization checklist to help businesses understand their responsibilities regarding estimates and written or verbal authorization of work.

AMVIC’s optional Service and Repair Course is available for $40 or go to for other resources that may be helpful in understanding the obligations of service and repair businesses.