Service and repair basics

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Ensure your service and repair business reviews and understands the requirements for estimates and work authorizations under the Automotive Business Regulation (ABR).

Written estimates

  • If the consumer requests an estimate before starting any service or repair work to their vehicle, the business must provide an estimate as per ABR, Section 31.6(1).
  • If a consumer requests an estimate, the business operator must provide a written estimate that includes:
  • a description of the proposed work; and
  • the estimated total cost of the proposed work, including the cost of labour, parts and equipment. (ABR Section 31.6(2))
  • If an estimate can’t be provided because the business must first perform diagnostic work, then the estimate must state the estimated maximum cost of the diagnostic work, as per ABR Section 31.6(3).

Authorization of work
In order to begin any type of repair or service work, the business must obtain authorization from the consumer as per Section 31.7 of the ABR. An authorization must be in writing and must have the following:

  1. the name of the consumer or the person acting on their behalf that is giving authorization;
  2. the date the authorization is given;
  3. a description of the work that the consumer or the person acting on their behalf is authorizing; and
  4. the estimated total cost of the work described above and confirmation from the consumer or the person acting on their behalf to authorize the work.

If a business cannot get authorization in writing, the business must record the authorization information required under ABR Section 31.7(3) as well as the time the authorization was given and how it was given (via email, phone, etc.) from the consumer.

To make it easy to remember, AMVIC has created a service and repair estimate and authorization checklist.