Salesperson expiration notices

DATE: | Industry bulletins

AMVIC is making it easier for automotive businesses to ensure their salespeople have up-to-date registrations. As of tomorrow, employers will receive notice via email when a salesperson has failed to renew on time.

Businesses have asked AMVIC to provide notice when a salesperson’s registration expires. Expiration notices will help businesses to be aware of the salesperson’s status with AMVIC and help ensure their salespeople are in compliance.

What should I do if I receive notice that one of my salespeople has an expired registration?

All automotive salespeople, including anyone who negotiates, solicits or concludes a sale on behalf of a licensed business, must have an active registration with AMVIC. Notice will be sent by email to the employer the day the salesperson’s registration expires. If one of your salespeople has an expired registration you will want to:

  • Have the salesperson renew through the AMVIC Online portal.
  • Ask for a copy of his or her new AMVIC salesperson registration certificate.

A salesperson with an expired AMVIC registration cannot actively sell until he or she has renewed.

What should I do if I receive notice and the salesperson is no longer employed at my business?  

The employer is responsible to notify AMVIC when a salesperson is no longer authorized to act on its behalf. Employers can add or remove authorized salespeople through AMVIC Online.

A business can also check the status of its salespeople by looking them up in AMVIC’s business and salesperson search tool.

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