Salespeople need to be connected to a business

DATE: | Industry bulletins

An automotive business should ensure all salespeople working for it are registered with AMVIC and are actively working for the business. An automotive business should contact AMVIC:

  • Once a new salesperson has received their AMVIC registration, an automotive business must authorize the salesperson to conduct transactions on its behalf.
  • If a salesperson is no longer employed by the business, they must be removed from the roster.

As per section 166 of the Consumer Protection Act, automotive businesses are responsible for the conduct of the salespeople they employ. By law, all salespeople must be registered by AMVIC to conduct automotive sales in Alberta. Salespeople cannot legally solicit, negotiate or conclude any consumer transaction until they receive their AMVIC registration. Salespeople with expired registrations are considered unregistered.

If you allow an unregistered salesperson to solicit, negotiate or conclude sales, both the business and salesperson could be subject to enforcement action. More information on employing salespeople can be found on