Making business changes

| Industry bulletins

Planning to offer more automotive services? Did you move locations or did the business recently change ownership? There are steps an AMVIC-licensed business must follow to ensure a smooth process in relation to Section 134 of the Consumer Protection Act. You must notify AMVIC, in writing, within 15 days, if any of the following applies:

  • Your corporation has a change in officers or directors.
  • Your partnership has a change in the partners.
  • Your business office changes addresses.
  • Your business or the person issued the licence (the director) ceases to carry on the activities for which the business is licensed for. This can include if the business is closing down, has completed a legal entity name change, has been sold (trade name, assets only) or has been taken over but is still operating.

Automotive businesses in Alberta, including sales, service and repair, consignment, lease, wholesale and agent or broker businesses must hold a valid AMVIC licence. All automotive salespeople including anyone who solicits, negotiates or concludes a transaction with consumers on behalf of an automotive business must be registered with AMVIC. Businesses can conveniently manage their licence and notify AMVIC of changes through AMVIC Online. Once you are ready to make the change and have all of the required documentation, go to AMVIC Online by clicking on “LOGIN” at the top right-hand corner of, click on the “Licensee Portal” button and login into your account.

Remember, changes to your business licence are not in effect until you receive an updated business licence certificate. More information on adding services to an existing business licence can be found here.