Every business that sells or leases a vehicle or recreational vehicle to an end user is required to remit a $6.25 levy per vehicle sold/leased to the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council.


AMVIC receives its authority to collect a levy from Section 136 (8) of the Consumer Protection Act (formerly the Fair Trading Act):

“A regulatory board may, with the approval of the Minister, collect money by the levy of assessments on licensees and designated agents as defined in section 102 for the purpose of enabling the board to carry out the powers, duties and functions delegated to it.”

Revenue generated from the levy is used to fund the Consumer Compensation Fund, as well as support AMVIC in fulfilling responsibilities under the delegated agreement with Service Alberta. The agreement requires AMVIC to:

  1. Act in any capacity pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act (formerly the Fair Trading Act) or regulations delegating authority to AMVIC.
  2. Enhance consumer protection and confidence in the motor vehicle industry.
  3. Promote education and licensing for industry players (businesses and salespeople).
  4. Establish and collect assessment fees.