Being properly licensed by AMVIC promotes a fair marketplace and builds trust and consumer confidence with the automotive industry in Alberta.


Advantages of being an AMVIC-licensed business:

  • Allows you to legally conduct automotive business in Alberta.
  • You study the laws and regulations of the Consumer Protection Act (formerly the Fair Trading Act) in relation to automotive businesses so you can understand what you legally can and cannot say or do.
  • Consumers have more trust and confidence when dealing with you.
  • Consumers who buy from AMVIC-licensed dealers may be eligible to access AMVIC’s compensation fund.
  • AMVIC provides useful tips and information on the regulations in the form of e-bulletins and the IMPACT newsletter.
  • It gives the industry, including your business, a better reputation.
  • You contribute to a fair marketplace for consumers.
  • AMVIC enforces laws that create a level playing field for industry as a whole.
  • You have access to AMVIC inspections which include recommendations for best practices.
  • AMVIC screens your potential salespeople’s criminal history before deciding if it will grant a registration. This is done at no additional cost
  • AMVIC screens your business partner’s criminal history before it decides on granting an AMVIC business licence. This is done at no additional cost.
  • You and your customers have access to formal and professional complaint handling and investigations.