How the salesperson registration process works

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Under Section 16 of Alberta’s Automotive Business Regulation, all salespeople are required to be registered with AMVIC. When a person applies for salesperson registration, there are required fields that must be completed, documents that must be submitted and tasks that must be undertaken. Here is what the registration process looks like:

1. Create an AMVIC Online account and apply for registration.

The Salesperson registration application is available on AMVIC’s online portal. You must provide all requested information and answer all questions truthfully. Be aware that AMVIC verifies all information provided by applicants. Incomplete responses will slow the application process, and any application containing false material may result in the suspension, cancellation or refusal of a registration. The cost to apply for a registration is $100.

Employer to verify employment.

As part of your application, your employer must complete the “Salesperson Authorization” section. A salesperson must be linked to their employer in AMVIC’s database in order to be issued a registration. If a manager, director or owner of the automotive business wants to take part in the selling process, they must also be registered as a salesperson and linked to the licensed business.

Register for the mandatory Salesperson Registration Course.

The applicant must register and pay for the Salesperson Registration Course by logging into their AMVIC Online account. The course fee is $160 (non-refundable), which is in addition to the $100 registration fee. The course is a mandatory requirement of the registration application process.

Successfully complete the course.

The Salesperson Registration Course has six modules and one final exam with 40 questions. The applicant must pass the final exam with a mark of 80 per cent or higher. If you receive an email stating you did not pass the exam, you can register for the rewrite course for $40. The course and exam are done online, giving the applicant the ability to work at their own pace within the 30 day time limit. However, the registration application process also has a limit of 30 days and if you exceed that, you will have to reapply.

Allow AMVIC’s licensing department time to review the application.

Remember, the Salesperson Registration Course is only one part of the application process. An applicant cannot legally sell vehicles in Alberta just because they have successfully completed the course. A salesperson registration still must be issued by AMVIC’s licensing team. All documents will be reviewed; AMVIC will perform a criminal background check, verify employment and ensure the final exam is successfully completed before approving, denying or approving a registration with conditions. A number of factors could delay the process including incomplete applications or if the Registrar wishes to review the application.

Once the salesperson registration is issued, it is the duty of the salesperson to maintain their registration by renewing it every year prior to the registration expiry date. AMVIC recommends ensuring all contact information for the salesperson is up to date, as AMVIC sends renewal reminder emails to salespeople. It is recommended that all salespeople use and maintain a personal email address to ensure there are no disruptions of communication if the salesperson’s employer changes.

Applicants and salespeople can contact the licensing team with any questions at