Have you missed any industry bulletins?

| Industry bulletins

AMVIC sends out a monthly industry-focused bulletin to help automotive businesses and salespeople stay informed, understand the laws and ensure compliance. Perhaps you are new to the industry, or you missed a bulletin in the past three months. Below are the most recent industry bulletins in order of publication, to help ensure you stay up-to-date on industry requirements or changes.

Service and repair: maintaining up-to-date technician records
Issued in March 2023, this bulletin reminds service and repair business owners of the importance of keeping trade certificate information current on their AMVIC Online business profile. Depending on the repair activities offered, the business owner must provide a copy of one or more trade certificates per individual when adding services or updating staff members. This bulletin covers those services as well as a reference to the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training website for certificate requirements. 

Fraud Prevention Month: accurate documents
AMVIC published an industry bulletin in February 2023, in conjunction with the Competition Bureau’s Fraud Prevention Month campaign, educating consumers and industry on how to recognize, reject and report fraud. This bulletin emphasizes the importance of document accuracy and how critical it is to make sure the correct information is being recorded, including on bills of sale or financing applications. Confirming accuracy of your documents will protect the consumer, your salespeople and your business.

All-in pricing is the law in Alberta
Before the spring vehicle sales boom, AMVIC published a second bulletin in February 2023 specifically focusing on all-in pricing. All-in pricing is the law in Alberta and it means that the advertised price of a vehicle must include ALL fees and charges. As a licensed automotive business owner or registered salesperson, ensuring clarity with the consumer when advertising or selling a vehicle is considered best practice.

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