Get the info on incentives

DATE: | Consumer bulletins

Have you looked at a vehicle advertisement and noticed it offers several incentives, like a cash rebate or membership card discount? The price at the end may seem like bargain. But did you know if any of the incentives don’t apply to you, it’s an illegal ad?

AMVIC-licensed businesses cannot advertise a single price with numerous incentives deducted unless all of those incentives apply to everybody. The ad must clearly state the conditions of the incentive. Section 6(4)(o) of the Consumer Protection Act states it is an unfair practice if “a supplier’s representation that a specific price benefit or advantage exists if it does not.”

The ad should also state the conditions of each incentive, who can qualify and how it is applied to the all-in price.

If you see an ad that breaks the law, save it and report it to AMVIC.

If you still want to see the vehicle in person and ask about the incentives, make sure you clarify if you qualify for any of them and how the discount is applied to the price.

Also, if the incentives lower the price to less than the advertised price, the business cannot add on fees or charges to bring the number back up to the advertised price. All fees and charges should already be included in the advertised price to begin with.

Check out the mock ad below for an example on how incentives should be advertised.