Fraud Prevention Month 2021: A guide to spotting curbers online

| Consumer bulletins

March is Fraud Prevention Month and AMVIC is once again partnering with the Competition Bureau’s Fraud Prevention Forum to raise awareness on fraud and educate consumers and industry on how to recognize, reject and report fraud.

Do you know what a curber is?

A curber is an illegal, unlicensed seller who often sells damaged, stolen or odometer-tampered vehicles. Consumers who buy these vehicles are often disappointed and find that when problems surface, the seller is gone and they have limited recourse.

Spotting a curber online

When it comes to the internet, anyone can pretend to be someone else and make claims or promises with no guarantee of follow through. A curber might tell you a sad story about needing money to pay bills or feed their family. They use the excuse as a cover of why they are selling the vehicle for cheap to get a quick sale. They may say they are selling the vehicle for their grandmother who can’t drive anymore. Or perhaps they say they have to upgrade from a sports car to a family-friendly SUV. The list of excuses is endless. Don’t fall for them!

It’s important to focus on the actual sale to stay aware and protect yourself from fraud. AMVIC has a new guide to spotting curbers, specifically those selling online. Check out the new guide along with other helpful consumer guides on


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