Financial February: no “cooling off”

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February is the month for falling in love! Before you fall in love with your next vehicle, AMVIC wants you to keep in mind the financial costs of buying and owning a vehicle.

Commitment can seem scary but once you buy, you can’t change your mind! In Alberta, there is no “cooling off” period. That means once you sign, the vehicle is yours and you have contractually agreed to buy the vehicle.

So before you take that next big step, do your research and be sure it is truly the vehicle you want to buy. Most dealerships do not have a return policy so once you’ve entered into a contract, stop shopping around and do not sign another purchase contract. You don’t want to be stuck with paying for two vehicles.

Will you be putting down a deposit to hold the vehicle? A deposit usually means you are committed to buying that vehicle. If you find another vehicle, you may lose the deposit. Make sure you have in writing if the deposit is refundable or non-refundable. Print out AMVIC’s optional deposit agreement form to use as a guide to know what to look out before you put down that deposit.

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