Did you miss these recent industry bulletins?

| Industry bulletins

AMVIC recently sent out many industry-focused bulletins to help automotive businesses and salespeople stay informed, understand the laws and ensure compliance. Did you miss any of these informative bulletins? Here’s a quick overview so you can read any you may have missed.

Industry resources that help you

Sent out in February 2021, this bulletin lists some AMVIC resources including contact information if you have questions about your business licence or salesperson registration. There are also some third party links that may assist you or your consumers.

Making business changes

This September 2021 bulletin outlines the possible reasons your business may need to make changes via your business account on AMVIC Online.

AMVIC’s newest partner: Crime Stoppers

In this summer bulletin, AMVIC is proud to share details about our newest partner, Crime Stoppers and what this relationship means to AMVIC stakeholders.

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