Did you miss these industry bulletins?

| Industry bulletins

In the 2019 – 2020 fiscal year, AMVIC sent out many industry-focused bulletins to help automotive businesses and salespeople stay informed, understand the laws and ensure compliance. Did you miss any of these informative bulletins? If so, the three below look at some of the most common concerns and questions.

Ownership changes and closure notices

Sent out in June 2019, this bulletin will help you understand the steps to take if you wish to change ownership or close down your business.

What happens during an inspection?

This July 2019 bulletin will inform why AMVIC inspections occur, what could happen during an inspection and the possible outcomes of an inspection.

Do you know about vicarious liability?

The first industry bulletin of 2020 reminded business owners about vicarious liability, and how the actions and words of their salespeople can adversely affect their business.

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