The Internet is a valuable resource. It connects legitimate businesses with consumers who want to buy quality products and services. Unfortunately, the Internet is also used by fraudsters and curbers.


Buying online/over the phone?

  • Use a checklist to review advertisements/offers.
    • Who is selling the vehicle? Is it a business or a private seller?
    • Is the business licensed by AMVIC? Use our search tool to find out.
    • Has a private seller advertised more than one vehicle for sale? The seller may be an unlicensed business or curber.
    • What is the hook in the advertisement? Is it the price; the payment terms; low mileage; or other claims about the vehicle’s condition?
    • What questions do you need answered?
  • Read fraud warnings and safety tips posted on internet classified sites.
  • Be critical of exaggerated claims made by private sellers. Licensed businesses follow an advertising code of conduct, private sellers do not.
  • Stay in control of the transaction. Never be rushed into buying.
  • Remember, there are thousands of vehicles for sale at any one time. If a deal doesn’t work out, there will be other vehicles to buy.