AMVIC’s role is to regulate the motor vehicle industry in Alberta. This responsibility is delegated to AMVIC by the provincial government. The delegation agreement gives AMVIC authority to enforce the Consumer Protection Act (formerly the Fair Trading Act) and regulations that apply to the automotive industry.

AMVIC reviews every complaint if the complaint is related to one of the following:

When AMVIC suspects a compliance issue related to an automotive business transaction, the complaint is referred to AMVIC’s enforcement arm.

If the complaint falls outside of AMVIC’s regulatory authority, consider referring to these additional resources. 

AMVIC exercises the powers, duties and functions as delegated by the Minister of Service Alberta.  These responsibilities include enforcement of matters automotive business matters that fall under the Consumer Protection Act (formerly the Fair Trading Act), the Automotive Business Regulations, the Cost of Credit Disclosure Regulation and the Internet Sales Contract Regulation.

Legal issues which fall outside AMVIC’s scope of authority include:

  • Private sales:  Disputes between a private seller and private buyer (not to be confused with a curber).
  • Complaints strictly between consumers and vehicle manufacturers, including new vehicle warranties that are between the buyer and the manufacturer.
  • The sale of vehicles as between manufacturers and dealers.
  • Complaints strictly related to the cleaning or polishing the exterior or interior of vehicles.
  • Complaints strictly related to repairing chips or cracks in the windshield or any window of a vehicle that does not involve replacing the windshield or window.
  • Motorcycles and off-highway vehicles.
  • Motor vehicle rentals (where the transaction involves an unlicensed lessor who leases a vehicle for a term of less than 120 days).
  • Complaints against parts stores that do not do service and repair.