Check your ads with the advertising toolkit

| Industry bulletins

As an automotive business in Alberta, you are responsible for your advertisements. Advertising non-compliance continues to be an issue found during inspections. The most common advertising concern was non-compliance with all-in pricing. Remember that as per Section 11(2)(l) of the Automotive Business Regulation (ABR), an advertised vehicle price includes the total cost of the vehicle, including, but not limited to, all fees and charges not including GST or costs and charges associated with financing.

Advertisements commonly include a business website, online advertisements, print, social media, billboard, radio and television. All AMVIC licensees must comply to automotive advertising legislation, including for new, used and RV sales; lease; service and repair; consignment; wholesale; and agent or brokers.

Using a “catch-all” style disclaimer on a website or advertisement does not clear an automotive business of the responsibility for compliant advertisements. Consider double checking all of your advertisements to ensure they comply with legislation by using the advertising toolkit on, which includes:

  • The advertising modules from the Salesperson Registration Course and the Service and Repair Course, available at no cost;
  • Advertising guides;
  • Advertising checklists;
  • Links to legislation;
  • Social media advertising FAQ;
  • A range of sample advertisements including click ads; and
  • AMVIC logos in a variety of formats.

Remember, all automotive advertisements must use descriptions and make promises only in accordance with actual conditions, situations and circumstances. Visit for more helpful resources for your business.