Buying used: what you should know

| Consumer bulletins

Considering buying a used vehicle but unsure of where to start? Before you do anything, check out for free, reliable information before, during and after your purchase.

Before: research the vehicle

Use the VIN (vehicle identification number) to:

  • Get a current vehicle history report such as a Carfax to get information like the number of accidents a vehicle has had.
  • Get a vehicle information report to be aware of the number of previous owners and to ensure the vehicle doesn’t still have money owing on it.

During: use consumer guides to help

AMVIC has a used vehicle consumer guide to help guide you through purchasing a used vehicle from an automotive business. Automotive businesses must provide the following vehicle information when you purchase a used vehicle:  

  • Mechanical Fitness Assessment (MFA):

A completed MFA must be provided to a consumer before the consumer buys a used vehicle. The MFA is only an assessment, not an inspection, however it contains important and useful information. It is filled out by a certified journeyperson technician and is valid for 120 days.

  • Vehicle history requirements:

Section 31.1(1) of the Automotive Business Regulation (ABR) lists a number of vehicle history requirements an automotive business has to disclose to a consumer such as if a vehicle has been damaged in a collision and the total cost of repairs exceeds $3,000 including parts and labour.

After: still have questions?

AMVIC is here for you throughout the vehicle buying process. Contact our consumer services team if you have any questions at 1-877-979-8100 ext. 2002, or if there was an issue, file a complaint online.