Business licence and salesperson registration applicants will use third party for background checks

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Effective Tuesday, March 16, 2021, there will be a change in the process of background checks for all business and salesperson applicants. All applicants will be required to obtain a background check at their own cost.

The RCMP has changed their policy and AMVIC will no longer be able to use the Canadian Police Information Centre system to obtain background checks for licensing and registration purposes, only for investigations. This is not an AMVIC policy change, but an RCMP policy change affecting agencies across Canada.

AMVIC will continue to require background checks on all applicants, as per the statutory authority to collect a background check provided for in Section 126 (1)(b) of the Consumer Protection Act, RSA 2000 Chapter F-2:

126 (1) A person who wishes to be licensed or to have a licence renewed under this Act must submit to the Director

(b) any additional information that is requested by the Director, including a criminal record check or authorization to obtain a criminal record check.

AMVIC has arranged for Sterling Backcheck (Backcheck) to provide background checks at a cost paid directly by each applicant. Applicants will find a direct link to Backcheck on AMVIC Online.

Although most applicants are able to use Backcheck, there will be instances when Backcheck will not be able to provide AMVIC with the appropriate information. For example, an applicant with adult convictions for which they have not received a pardon/record suspension or for which they do not recall specific details (offence, date of conviction, location of conviction, and penalty/disposition received) or have unresolved charges, may not be able to request a report from Backcheck. Applicants must instead use a police agency to request a Police Information Check report that includes fingerprinting to identify the applicant.

As a public agency, AMVIC collects and stores information in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


Anyone with questions or concerns should contact the AMVIC licensing team at or call AMVIC at 1-877-979-8100 ext. 2001.

Upcoming changes to AMVIC Online

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