Back to basics

| Consumer bulletins

The automotive industry continues to face vehicle shortages, consumers are waiting longer for pre-ordered vehicles and vehicle prices seem to be changing. Consumers may find this market challenging; here are a few back to basic consumer tips:

  1. AMVIC recommends dealing with a licensed business. Before you shop, look up the business you are dealing with on to ensure you are not buying a vehicle from a curber or repairing your vehicle with backyard mechanic. Curbers are illegal sellers operating without the required AMVIC sales licence. Backyard mechanics are illegal, unlicensed service and repair operators.

  2. If you ask for a service and repair estimate, you should receive one in writing. A service and repair business is only required to provide an estimate if they are asked for one; an estimate is not automatically provided.

  3. Know your rights when it comes to all-in pricing. Remember that all-in pricing is the law in Alberta and applies to all types of vehicles. This means the price you see advertised is the price you should be paying, plus GST and financing costs only (if financing costs are applicable).

  4. There is no “cooling off” period in Alberta. Once you sign the contract, the vehicle is yours and you have contractually agreed to buy the vehicle. AMVIC has an optional deposit agreement form that you can use if you decide to put down a deposit.

Automotive businesses are required to follow the general codes of conduct. If you feel that a law was broken, you can file a complaint with our consumer services department.

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