Back to basics

| Industry bulletins

Whether you are new to the automotive industry or a seasoned veteran, it’s always a good idea to go back to the basics. Here are a few reminders to jump start your fall season:

Codes of conduct
The Automotive Business Regulation (ABR) establishes two codes of conduct for automotive businesses in Alberta: the general codes of conduct (Section 12) and the advertising code of conduct (Section 11). These codes outline items such as, but not limited to: not making misleading claims to a consumer; not putting undue pressure on a consumer; and not charging more than 10 per cent, to a maximum of $100, higher than the estimate for goods or services. These codes of conduct are legal requirements in Alberta.

All-in pricing
All-in pricing is the law in Alberta. This means when an AMVIC-licensed seller advertises the price of a vehicle it must include all fees and charges the seller intends to charge. The only fee that can be added to the advertised price is GST and any costs associated with financing (if applicable). Advertising non-compliance continues to be an issue; in 2021 – 2022, it was an issue in 57 per cent of inspections conducted.

Unlicensed activities
Is your business actually licensed to complete the activities you are doing? If your business fits into multiple classes it must be licensed for multiple classes. For example, if you are licensed for sales and garage but you are performing autobody work, you are performing an unlicensed activity. If you are unsure which category you fit into, please contact us.

Go to for more information on the codes of conduct, advertising and updating your business activities.