Are you following all-in pricing?

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All-in pricing is the law in Alberta. This means when an AMVIC-licensed seller advertises the price of a vehicle it must include ALL fees and charges the seller intends to charge. The only fee that can be added to the advertised price is GST and any costs associated with financing (if applicable).

AMVIC recommends to consumers that they print, screen capture or take a photo of the vehicle advertisement that states the all-in price of the vehicle to take it with them before signing the bill of sale. This encourages consumers to ensure that the all-in advertised price matches the price on the bill of sale and that no other fee was added on top of the advertised price.

Adding administrative (admin) or documentation (doc) fees on top of an all-in advertised price is illegal. Although AMVIC does not encourage or discourage businesses from selling additional features and add-ons, all fees must be accurately stated and not violate all-in pricing.

All-in pricing FAQs

What is an advertisement?
An advertisement can be on social media, printed media (flyer, newspaper or magazine), television, radio, billboard, road signs, signs inside an automotive business or a sign physically on the vehicle itself.

Does all-in pricing apply to manufacturer advertisements?
No, manufacturer advertisements are not subject to the advertising laws and regulations that AMVIC enforces, including all-in pricing, but Alberta automotive businesses must adhere to all-in pricing.

Is an admin fee part of the financing costs?
No, an administrative (admin) fee, sometimes called a documentation (doc) fee, is not part of the costs of a consumer financing a vehicle.

Can a cleaning fee be added to the all-in price?
No, a cleaning fee cannot be added to the all-in advertised price of the vehicle. If there is a cleaning fee, it must be included within the all-in advertised price of the vehicle.

Does all-in pricing apply to used vehicles, new vehicles and recreational vehicles?
Yes, all-in pricing applies to all types of vehicles.

What about service and repair businesses?
All automotive advertisements must comply with Alberta’s advertising laws, and use descriptions and make promises only in accordance with actual conditions, situations and circumstances (ABR, Section 11(2)(d)). For instance, if an oil change is advertised at $80 for any vehicle, it must actually be $80 for any vehicle, with no extra fees added on for a particular vehicle make or model.

Remember, just because a fee is mandatory at an automotive business does not mean it’s mandatory by law. Salespeople or businesses must not mislead a consumer into believing a fee is mandatory or required by law if it is not.

Misrepresenting fees or failing to properly disclose additional fees can be in contravention of the Consumer Protection Act which can result in various enforcement actions such as charges, an Undertaking or administrative penalties. Many enforcement actions are publicly posted on in accordance with AMVIC’s Communication Policy and can be found via internet search engines.