Are you all-in with incentives?

DATE: | Industry bulletins

Want to advertise incentives like a cash rebate or a membership card discount? Ensure you advertise the total, all-in price first, and then all possible incentives summarized afterward.

The all-in price should not include incentives that are not available to every customer, such as a membership card incentive. This shows fairness and transparency and allows consumers to make an informed purchasing decision based on their needs and resources.

State the all-in price first, then state prices after certain incentives but not all incentives together if they do not apply to every consumer.

Then ensure there is a full disclosure on who qualifies for each incentive and how it is applied to the price.

Also, if the incentives decrease the price to less than the advertised price, you cannot add on fees or charges to bring the price back up because the fees and charges should already be included in the advertised price.

Remember, section 6(4)(o) of the Consumer Protection Act states it is an unfair practice if “a supplier’s representation that a specific price benefit or advantage exists if it does not.”

Check out the mock ad below for an example on how to advertise incentives.