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AMVIC is Alberta’s automotive regulator, enforcing consumer protection laws in automotive related transactions to create a fair marketplace in Alberta.

AMVIC’s consumer services team reviews all complaints submitted via the online complaint process and determines appropriate follow-up actions. In 2019 – 2020, the consumer services team reviewed 2,485 complaints.

AMVIC deals with complaints related to:

  • Unfair practices from the Consumer Protection Act (such as exerting undue pressure onto a consumer)
  • Curbing and backyard mechanics (illegal, unlicensed businesses)
  • Bill of sale issues (such as fraudulent information or missing requirements)
  • Lack of disclosure
  • Dealership or automotive business advertising
  • Reoccurring complaints
  • Odometer rollbacks
  • Failure to pay out on consignment agreement
  • Misrepresentation of repairs

There are instances when a complaint falls outside of AMVIC’s authority. Some examples include:

  • Motorcycles
  • Manufacturer complaints, poor workmanship and warranty disputes
  • Changes to vehicle status (salvage, write-off)
  • Complaints about finance companies and insurance matters
  • Parts stores
  • Private sales (except curbing – illegal, unlicensed businesses)
  • Vehicle registrations

If a complaint is outside of AMVIC’s authority, here are some other helpful resources a consumer can turn to:

Alberta Registries

  • Vehicle registration.
  • Vehicle Information Report; purchase the recorded history of vehicle.

Alberta Transportation

  • Changing the status on a vehicle such as salvage, write-off, rebuilt, non-repairable.
  • Out of province vehicle inspections.
  • Unsafe vehicles.
  • Vehicle inspections.

Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP)

CAMVAP helps consumers and participating manufacturers resolve disputes about vehicle assembly, material defects, and how the new vehicle warranty is applied through binding arbitration.

  • Manufacturer warranty disputes.
  • Defects in the manufacture or materials of the vehicle.

Law Society of Alberta Lawyer Referral

The Lawyer Referral service is a program to assist members of the public in finding a lawyer who will provide the legal services they require. There is no charge for the first half hour interview.

Service Alberta

  • Motorcycles.
  • Parts stores.
  • Commercial trailers.
  • Credit disclosure issues.
  • Manufacturer advertising or financing complaints.

For even more alternate resources, check out

If you think your complaint falls under AMVIC’s authority, you can file a complaint online and AMVIC’s consumer services team will follow-up.