In Alberta, the Consumer Protection Act (formerly the Fair Trading Act) and associated regulations set out the advertising rules for automotive businesses.

Online and website advertisements follow the same legislation as print advertisements.

Consult the highlighted sections of the legislation and advertisement examples for detailed information.

Advertising Laws – legislation that applies to all forms of advertising
Advertising Checklist – 3 steps to compliance for automotive advertisements

Example – Incorrect ad
Example 1 – Ad with no price listed
Example 2 – Ad that lists the cash price only
Example 3 – Ad that includes payment details
Example 4 – Ad that includes incentive details
Example 5 – Difference between manufacturer ad and local ad
Example 6 – Advertising on a vehicle hanger
Example 7 – Click ads

Advertising quizzes:
Quiz 1- Ads that offer credit
Quiz 2- Ads on social media

Laws and regulations:

Cost of Credit Disclosure
Consumer Protection Act (formerly the Fair Trading Act) Sections 76(1), and 76(2)
Cost of Credit Disclosure Regulation – Sections 6 and 7

Consumer Protection Act (formerly the Fair Trading Act) Section 92
Cost of Credit Disclosure Regulation – Section 18

Goods and Services
Consumer Protection Act (formerly the Fair Trading Act) Sections 6, 8 and 9
Automotive Business Regulation – Sections 11(1) and 11(2)