Administrative penalty upheld against Edmonton vehicle dealership

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UPDATE: the original news release linked a news release on Roadsport Autocredit as a related article. There is no relation to Roadsport Autocredit and City Ford. We apologize for the error.

Edmonton—The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) administrative penalty issued to an Edmonton dealership has been upheld in an appeal decision dated July 9, 2018. The appeal panel reduced the original $15,000 administrative penalty to a $10,000 penalty.

City Ford failed to comply with the Consumer Protection Act (formerly the Fair Trading Act), Traffic Safety Act and associated regulations in three key areas: advertising, mechanical fitness assessments and failure to properly maintain records. The appeal panel agreed that AMVIC had given City Ford sufficient time to correct their shortcomings, having had three inspections in three years but failed to implement any substantive changes.

“When we see a business continually breaking Alberta’s consumer protection laws, we take that very seriously,” Malcolm Knox, AMVIC CEO said. “City Ford is a high volume dealer and our inspector looked at a comparatively small number of deals and found consistent issues.”

AMVIC’s Director of Fair Trading (as delegated) can impose an administrative penalty against a person who has contravened Alberta’s Consumer Protection Act or has failed to comply with a term or condition of their AMVIC business licence.

“AMVIC enforces provincial legislation and upholding the penalty issued to City Ford helps maintain the reputation of the industry by sending a message that failing to comply is unacceptable and comes with stiff consequences,” Knox said.

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