Watch out for AMVIC impersonator

DATE: | Industry bulletins

Edmonton — Alberta’s automotive regulator, Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council, is alerting consumers, businesses and registrants that a person is falsely claiming to be an AMVIC industry standards officer.

On Nov. 20, 2015 an AMVIC-licensed business received an email reply to a Kijiji ad that was signed by the impersonator. In part the message stated: “I will be stopping in tomorrow morning to view your documentation on this unit.”

The message was signed by someone alleging to be named Lisa Mackay.

“This individual does not work for AMVIC,” Laura Lowe, communications and education manager of AMVIC said.

At this time AMVIC has no reason to believe there is a risk to consumers or other businesses however it is always important to remain vigilant.

What to do

  • Always contact AMVIC directly.
  • If in doubt, contact AMVIC to verify if an AMVIC employee is who he/she claims to be.
  • AMVIC investigators are peace officers who carry an AMVIC badge and a Solicitor General Peace Officer photo identification card.
  • AMVIC industry standards officers carry AMVIC photo identification.
  • Contact AMVIC directly, 1-877-979-8100, if you have any concerns or want to confirm that the person you are dealing with is an AMVIC employee.
  • Never share personal information about you, your vehicle or your business unless you are certain you are dealing with someone who has the authority to collect that information.

“Impersonation is serious so we are filing a police report,” Lowe said. “In the meantime we will continue to focus on consumer protection and providing a fair marketplace for automotive consumers and businesses.”

If you have received a similar message or have questions submit an online concern or contact:

Consumer Services
Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council
1-877-979-8100 ext. 2002