Turn to AMVIC’s website as a resource

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“Where can I find the advertising laws?”

“How do I renew my salesperson registration?”

“What should I do when I’m closing my business?”

Looking for answers to these questions or similar questions? Do you know where to find the answers?

They are all on AMVIC’s website!

The industry section of amvic.org covers a variety of topics important to industry.

Image of AMVIC's industry section menu on website

Under the licensing section of the industry menu, you can find information for both businesses and salespeople. Learn how to add services to an existing licence or what to do when you are employing a salesperson.

The advertising resources section includes a checklist to ensure your ads comply with advertising laws, as well as the Advertising Course, available at no cost.

AMVIC is not just for automotive business owners and salespeople. Marketers, advertisers, recyclers, wholesalers, consigners, brokers and service and repair staff will also be able to find helpful tips and resources from AMVIC. If you know someone who should turn to AMVIC, have them sign up to be added to AMVIC’s industry mailing list.

For more information visit amvic.org.