Surprised by hidden costs?

DATE: | Consumer bulletins

Did you see a dealer ad in the paper or online that stated a vehicle was for a certain price, but then you were told other fees were added on top of the advertised price? If so, contact AMVIC right away.

All-in pricing is the law in Alberta. That means when an automotive business advertises the price of a vehicle it must include ALL fees and charges the seller intends to charge.  The only fee that can be added to the advertised price is GST and any costs associated with financing (Automotive Business Regulation, Section 11(2)(l)).


This means if a business wants to charge you freight, a documentation fee or even an administration fee, those costs should already be included in the advertised price, not added after.

If you agree to add-ons such as paint protection or a remote car starter, then those costs can be added on top of the final price along with the already included fees and charges before GST

Remember, if the vehicle price is not as advertised, contact AMVIC right away.

Learn more about all-in pricing and your rights as a consumer.