Shop smart this holiday season

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Edmonton—‘Tis the season for holiday sales and increased advertising.

“This time of year we see a lot of year-end and clear-out ads. We want Albertans to know they have the right to ask the dealership to substantiate any advertised claims such as savings or discount,” John Bachinski, Executive Director of AMVIC said.

AMVIC, the regulator of the automotive industry in Alberta, is also reminding consumers that the advertised price of a vehicle must be the final price, plus five per cent GST.

“You should be able to take a dealership ad to that dealership and pay the advertised price plus GST or less, no exceptions,” Bachinski said.

All other fees and charges must be included in the advertised price. A price is considered “advertised” when it is listed in a paper ad, online, a social media post by a salesperson or dealership, radio, TV, billboard or on the vehicle itself, such as on the window.

If you are negotiating on a vehicle that the price is not advertised, then please make sure your final offer is inclusive of all dealer fees.

“Charges for features that are not advertised or factory installed can be added to the final price if the customer requests, or consents to, the extras and their cost,” Bachinski said.

Alberta dealerships are required by law to follow specific advertising rules meant to protect consumers. Details can be found on our website

Albertans are advised to contact AMVIC if they feel they’ve been misled by an ad or believe it does not comply with the rules and regulations.

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Laura Lowe
Manager of Communications and Education
Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council