Salespeople must be actively registered

DATE: | Industry bulletins

Any salesperson who engages in Alberta’s automotive industry must be registered with AMVIC (Fair Trading Act 104(1)): it’s the law.

Salespeople must not engage in selling vehicles until they have received their Registration Certificate from AMVIC. Salesperson applicants must successfully complete the Salesperson Fair Trading Act Course, submit appropriate documentation and agree to a background check. After the process, the application could be approved, approved with conditions or refused. There were almost 3,300 successful completions of the Salesperson Fair Trading Act Course between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017.

If you already hold an active registration, it is your responsibility to ensure it is renewed on time to avoid a lapse. The expiry date of a registration never changes – it is due the same date each year.

A delay in registration renewal or failure to be registered could result in a salesperson’s registration being suspended, and both the salesperson and business could be charged with an offence under the Fair Trading Act (section 161(g), 166).

More information on how to apply for a new salesperson registration or how to renew a registration can be found at