Prepare to repair!

DATE: | Consumer bulletins

Not sure what you should know, and what to ask? We have the answers (and the questions).

What to know:

  1. A business cannot exceed its estimate by more than 10 per cent above what was originally quoted for parts or services.
    Also, that 10 per cent increase can only be to a maximum of $100. A business can exceed the estimate by 10 per cent or $100, only if you agree to a higher price before the goods and services are supplied or if you agree to amend the agreement for add-ons.
  2. You must be provided with information about the parts installed.
    Information must be presented to you in writing and include whether the parts are original manufacturer’s parts or from another source and whether they are new, used or reconditioned.
  3. The business must offer to return all parts.
    If parts were removed from your vehicle, the business must offer to return the parts to you and return them unless you advise that you do not require them.
  4. The business cannot subcontract work without your consent.
    You must have knowledge of, and give prior consent before a business can subcontract repair work on your vehicle.
  5. You must agree to the use of rebuilt and salvaged parts.
    The business must tell you if it intends to use rebuilt or salvaged parts, and you must give consent before it can do so.
  6. Alberta regulates automotive repair businesses in the same way it regulates automotive sales businesses.
    All Alberta repair businesses must be licensed by AMVIC and comply with Alberta’s automotive consumer protection laws including body shops, inspection facilities, brake and muffler shops, car starter installers and windshield tint and repair shops.
  7. You can search our online database to check if a business is licensed.
    If you cannot find the business you are searching for you can contact AMVIC toll-free at 1-877-979-8100.

What to ask:

  • Ask for a written estimate in writing before work starts.
  • Ask upfront about all fees and charges that apply.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure or do not understand.
  • Ask about manufacturer, supplier or other warranty information and get all warranty documents in writing.

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