Note: If you are engaging in sales of any kind you require an AMVIC-registered salesperson on staff.

You must apply for your business licence before applying for a Salesperson’s Registration Certificate. Click here to learn how to apply for a Salesperson Registration.

If there are any changes to your company’s directors you must inform AMVIC. Please complete and submit a notification for change of Director’s form.

How to apply for a new automotive business licence:

    1. Determine which licence class matches the activities offered by the business i.e. sales (new or used), wholesale, agent/broker, leasing, consignment, repair.
    2. Obtain written municipal approval from the town or city where you plan on doing business as you will be required to provide that during the application process. Failure to provide proof of municipal approval will result in significant delays and/or possible refusal of your application.
    3. Go to AMVIC’s online portal. PLEASE NOTE: You must complete your application in its entirety before exiting. Do not start your application until you have all required information and documentation ready. See #3 for a list of what is required.
    4. Gather the supporting documents required for your specific licence class:

Important information: All required documents must be uploaded and fees must be paid before application is processed.

All applications will be reviewed, including criminal record checks and financial checks, etc. to determine if a licence is granted.

Automotive businesses are responsible for renewing their AMVIC business licence annually.

Business Licensing Fees are non-refundable if the licence application is abandoned by the applicant and/or fails to comply with licensing requirement.

Business name: You should avoid using the word “wholesale” in your business name. Even if you are a wholesale business you should consider that you may want to sell retail at a later date which would require a name change to remove the word “wholesale” in order to receive a retail licence. Consider in advance if a name change is good business practice.

For off-site sales:

  • Request should be submitted three weeks prior to the event.
  • For more information see page three of the off-site sales request form:
    Off-Site Sale Request Form

Criminal record requirements:

AMVIC requires a criminal record check on all applicants who apply for and/or hold an AMVIC licence.

Who is considered an applicant?

  • an individual who is a sole proprietor,
  • a partner in a partnership,
  • an officer or director of a corporation,
  • a shareholder of a private corporation
  • an individual who has been given signing authority by a director to complete AMVIC documentation,
  • or a salesperson working for the automotive business

Note: obtaining a criminal record check outside of Canada, and the cost associated with that check will be the responsibility of the applicant.